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The number of Chinese students to Australia ranks first in all countries
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According to the Australian embassy data shows China ,2009-2010 the number of visas to study in Australia more than 3.2 million people, ranking first in all countries, foreign students, China has become Australia's largest source countries. Free study abroad free immigration evaluation form Evaluation Form The reason why Chinese students studying in Australia are favorable, mainly due to the following three, first, to study in Australia is a safe country. Safety is the concern of the family abroad, send their children abroad to study, away from their home, far apart from their parents to ensure children's safety is important than any qualifications. Located in the southern hemisphere Australia for many years as one of the safest countries in the world, social order and stability, the higher the quality, simple nor racial discrimination, whether in physical or psychological, can ensure the healthy development of students; the second , Australia, the quality of education living in the world. A few years ago before the population exceeded 20 million of the country, already has six Nobel laureates. Nearly half of Australian universities in the world top 500 list. We are familiar with the eight schools selected in a variety of world university rankings often ranked hundred ranks. Third, Australia is the country of immigrants, immigration policy is relatively loose, the way students select skilled migrants through 181 or through employer sponsored immigration professional, you can enjoy the same access to Australia's status or benefits. All of these reasons that attract the world each year tens of thousands of Australian students to study in Australia. Studying in Australia for periods generally six months, one year ahead of the best schools for some popular specialties such as accounting, nursing, translation, the best year and a half ahead of schedule. To apply for admission in February next year, the students now have access to the application stage, and wish the students enrolled in July next year, should get started now apply for successful applicants to provide more protection.