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Go abroad study abroad skill of conduct financial transactions: The ticket is co
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For the person that studies abroad to going abroad, major fund or business of bank of need have the aid of turn to go abroad. But face " telegraphic transfer money " , " the ticket is collected " , " check " , " credit card " and " open the account outside the condition " wait for a variety of channel, are which kind of way that change capital optimal? What does skill of conduct financial transactions of student studying abroad have? This needs to inspect particular case and be decided, suitable ability is best.

The ticket collects: The ticket was lost, money also can search

The ticket collects can to weigh first selection. Because the student studying abroad can carry it, missing also but seasonable report the loss of sth. According to Guang Dayin division of travel conduct financial transactions introduces, the ticket is collected is the kind of a kind of remittance that money goes with the person. The student can be carried abroad, after losing, can report the loss by phone of v/arc a firm exchange and transfer of money immediately. And, poundage is cheaper also. The ticket collects a need to hand in 1% . poundage, and 200 yuan seal a top. Of a blemish in an otherwise perfect thing is capital arrives Zhang is too slow. His explanation says, bill of exchange follows after the student arrives at abroad, the bank that should find abroad above all has collection, and after collection even ability of 10 workaday cash arrives Zhang, because of this time abundant person can choose this kind of way.

Telegraphic transfer money: Suit high specified number or urgent need remittance

Telegraphic transfer money is to point to a bank to instruct a representative with means of network of telecommunications of the finance between cable, telex or round-the-world bank soon the remittance way that money pays to appoint chamberlain. Because it is,regard settle accounts as the tool with cable, so the remitter should bear cable cost.

The charge of telegraphic transfer money distributes a share, the amount of one part and telegraphic transfer money is concerned, namely 1% . poundage, the amount of another part and remittance did not close, and with the pen number is concerned, namely every collect brushstroke to be about collection telegram charge, the money that collects no matter is much it is little, fixed collect fees 150 yuan / second.

Division of conduct financial transactions introduces, this kind of means compares telegraphic money order quick, two days can arrive Zhang, but poundage is opposite more expensive, and premise is gathering person there has been account in abroad. Returning what should notice is, because poundage has ceiling, namely 250 yuan seal a top, the Qian Yue that collects every time so exceeds be to one's profit more, the remit money that suggest amount is larger accordingly or has urgent need just uses means of telegraphic transfer money.

Credit card: Brush card to go to the lavatory, take money not be to one's profit
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