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China handles piece of credit card
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Piece of credit card good does before going abroad much

Hero: Go to grass of United States student studying abroad

China handles piece of credit card

Beautiful dollar returns RMB be to one's profit

The United States and Chinese beautiful money have very big distinction basically is to brush card namely, and shop to go to the lavatory again more on the net (if the school is not the word) that is located in downtown, nevertheless a bit want to notice, in overdrew credit card must be returned in time later, can be punished to deduct the credit with money of very big brushstroke and precious loss otherwise. "Still have beside must not put too much ready money, 20 dollars are enough. " grass grass says he answers the school from home once, there are 500 yuan of 500 dollars, RMBs on the body, still have 200 Canada yuan, the result was stolen in exercitation unit. Take ready money less still commonly so, also use rarely in the United States anyway. Letting what grass grass feels more deficient is: Trade all charge into the dollar in the home before going abroad, the result comes two this years, the RMB appreciates point-blank, the dollar that has traded on the hand had a deficit very big brushstroke. So she suggests to handle piece of credit card in China to the utmost, the family member lets go to again after waiting for a person to go to the United States in make money, also need not too much, it is good to be used quite.

The division of a conduct financial transactions of the Bank of China tells a reporter, be opposite as the RMB of the dollar appreciate, study abroad the RMB that American place spends also decreases accordingly. Current, the RMB appreciates the trend does not change, this also gives study abroad in the United States handed in cost to bring space of larger conduct financial transactions. To having the parent that the child studies abroad in the United States, should tell the child to choose the way that pays the tuition fee by the month as far as possible, can save the money with a not little brushstroke so. According to introducing, american university has 3 kinds to make the time choice that learns incidental expenses normally: One year, a semester and a month. Below the circumstance that devalues quickly to the RMB in the dollar, the proposal uses every months to pay the tuition fee, want every months to make the word of 1000 dollars for instance, devalue ceaselessly as the dollar, every month need is met with the RMB that will convert 1000 dollars less and less, such but utmost ground enjoys a RMB to appreciate brought profit. He returns a proposal, hand in not only learn incidental expenses to be able to be done so, in the United States other expenditure wants to be able to brush card brush card only, beautiful dollar returns a RMB, all can enjoy a RMB to appreciate advantage. This kind of method is returned but the poundage that leave out collects a dollar to go out from home (want) of 200 yuan of RMBs every sums at least, enjoy most be as long as 55 days avoid breath period.
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