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American student studying abroad is vivid: Mixed American spoken language
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Every kinds of language has a few vivid and interesting vocabularies, in order to describes different character of the person. The phrase of a few depicts all sorts of people be used to that often use in American spoken language can let you understand American culture not only, and conduce to master purer, more sterling beautiful type spoken language.

The interesting example in work of student studying abroad is below:

1. Nerd and Jock are two American student's commonly used common saying. In the meaning of Nerd and Chinese " bookish " similar. This kind of person is clever and assiduous, but too conservative however gravity, let person look down upon quite in campus. Jock criterion rather. They are big and tall and handsome, very get a girl people welcome, be good at all sorts of athletic sports such as American Football and Basketball especially. Of course, beautiful Girl Jocks also theres is no lack of in campus.

2. Egghead this word is used first in the American president general election 1952. At that time enter into an election contest both sides is the Illinois bey with Eisenhower of commander-in-chief of allied forces of World War II and dye-in-the-wood bookishness respectively Shidiwensen. Shidiwensen prepares meticulously enter into an election contest speech character is luxuriant and obscure, only the intellectual with him just can be interested. Because this adversary makes fun of,he says: Sure, all The Eggheads Love Stevenson. But How Many Eggheads Do You Think There Are. The meaning of Egghead, point to the intellectual with very sufficient bookishness namely.

3. The meaning of these two words is in Hick and City Slicker the word that correspondence can find certainly in all sorts of languages, they are oppidan and countryman respectively to the other side demote say. The means of Hick " bumpkin, clodhopper, " and Slick literal means " pliable, oily " , consequently City Slicker namely in countryman eye " the wily old bird in the city, dress up bright, the playboy in the city with suspect however worldly-wise " .

4. Turkey(turkey) , shrimp(shrimp) with Crab(crab) what person can these 3 kinds of animals are in American eye? Turkey is the food that American is in Thanksgiving Day and home of Home Christmas Day to want to eat. But, vivid turkey appearance is ugly, the action awakward, so Turkey uses appearance the sort of foolish good-for-nothing. And the sort of employ these Turkey, cannot discharge their government or business organization are called Turkey Farm. Shrimp often is used at pointing to era those stature pipsqueak or footy nobody. Read the sentence below please: You May Call Napoleon A Little Shrimp. But For A Shrimp, he Certainly Made The Rest Of Europe Tremble. And Crab because appearance is deformed and atrocious, often be used to the person that shows those disposition termagancy, disposition is very bad.

5. Baby Boomer, yuppie(is elegant leather person) , dink(man overcomes) , these 4 words mirrorred Sandwich Generation American economy and social change. Inside 20 years after World War II ends, american mouth increase sharply, the person that that period is born is called Baby Boomers in the United States, because Boom has the increase sharply, idea that soare. Yuppie(Yapishi) (Young Urban Professionals) is to show the life is in big city, had gotten the successful profession public figure with higher education, rich life. Dinks (double Income, no Kids) is to show those have very good job and income, but the couple that does not want the child. Sandwich Generation criterion rather, they are to want support old person already, want to bring up next generation again, be placed like sandwich a flock of people with the economic heavier burden of the inter.
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