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Advisory adviser: Study abroad American visa capital prepares opportunely
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The United States studies abroad capital preparation is to obtain the condition with essential visa. If capital is insufficient, it is normal that visa official can think you cannot be in the United States finish school, cause refus lot very easily.

1, capital of requirement of visa of in principle United States is put period achieve above of half an year, time deposit is best individual bank savings;

2, how to if is the time of time deposit insufficient,do? The professional setting that can differ according to parents will try to complement specification;

3, choice bank had better be big state-owned bank or share-holding system bank, do not stock local credit cooperation, the deposit beauty of credit cooperation gets a house to be not approbated;

4, house property, car, stock, fund can serve as auxiliary material to refer, the requirement must be original, such ability are true and authentic; 5, specified amount of different applicant need capital is spent different, press entire award commonly / half award / at one's own expenses, the charge that goes to the school and you go to length of time of United States study to prepare.

Must not cheat, include deposit receipt to build sheet of false, duty to build false, salary to make false, employee's card bright build a holiday to wait a moment, attention, if visa official wants to investigate, want a phone to be able to check easily only, and visa official examines on the spot via appearance of bank note of commonly used check your deposit receipt and deposit proof, once make a holiday by fish, consequence is very serious, possible even permanent refus is signed. Accordingly, cannot make a holiday absolutely.