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Study abroad the United States prepares from tall at the beginning
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Obtain American visa as a batch of another batch high school graduate, they are about to set foot on the road of a paragraph of attend school that differs completely 12 years before with oneself, although be full of hardships, challenge, but certain gains quite abundant. Actually, the high high school student that has ideal going abroad should begin to make preparation going abroad during high school, is not to arrive Gao Sancai begins to busy.

Tall one: Attend SAT and TOEFL to groom should have to integral level of the child one tries to find out the real intention and plan, designedly arranges the child to begin to attend a language to groom, those who include SAT groom, of IBT TOEFL groom, summer vacation, winter vacation is OK and very good the time that use, can be in every time long holiday makes for the child is not so close language study plan, the target of sex of a phase, when the first summer vacation ends, the student should have basic knowledge to SAT course, plan the time that good SAT first time takes an exam at the same time, because SAT is the test that is the gift of tongues not just, the difficulty that takes an exam so will be a lot of greater than TOEFL, so proposal student prepares SAT first, take an examination of TOEFL exam again.

Second year in high school: Attending SAT and TOEFL exam should be aggrandizement of a language, the phase of assault and exam, the student should attend the exam of SAT in winter vacation, if the achievement of the exam is not ideal, need is in the 2nd semester when attend quadratic exam, same TOEFL exam also needs to be finished before summer vacation of second year in high school comes, be in so this moment, the student should have had him to compare satisfactory language result, whole summer vacation should enter choice of a school and the phase that the file prepares, the writing that chooses school and writ should begin in same time, learn the language achievement that lays him foundation, the choice accords with him the school of actual condition.

Tall 3: To application the school sends material to should be in tall the writing of the choice of the school of 3 on half semester that finish and writ, the classmate that hopes to apply for top name school especially should be in tall 3 last term finish all school material before period end send the work, you had completed so whole application technological process 80% , arrived to finish half session, the time that awaits school return namely, need to a few time are arranged and resume the post of the school, the school of few number can arrange interview, won't cost so too much time, average April school admits a result to tell an applicant with respect to meeting general, you can know this moment oneself admitted circumstance, affirm the school that should go, the university entrance exam that can also at the same time enough time deals with him (Q) preparation. After the university entrance exam June ends, 2 weeks time undertakes the preparation of visa, completed all application leaving the United States in July.
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