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How does the undergraduate leave the United States to teach you to prepare?
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The United States is the education on the world most the country that develop, have the most university on the world (many 4000) . The eductional systme of higher education basically is divided be made for two years and make two kinds 4 years, what make two years is much for technical schools and community college, the school that makes 4 years normally basically is institute of unity and coherence in writing, independent professional institute and omnibus university, representing American scientific research and education top level, also be
Chinese student applies for the main school that reads.

Because educational level quality is better, the condition when American university is recruiting international student is taller also, say natively to the university of different grade at the same time, the requirement that application United States studies abroad also each are not identical, the Jin Shida that interviewed Su Cheng essence technically to do the United States to study abroad for this reporter studies abroad expert forest fills the service center gentleman, the application time that studies abroad with respect to the United States and major select the issue of the respect, give wide readership a proposal.

Big one student needs accent

To the student that reading greatly, what Chinese pupil learns is the fundamental course such as Marxism philosophy, English mostly, differ as a result of what teach system, american university does not admit these credit commonly, if want to turn into American college,learn for this, be about to had been done prepare from what reread at the beginning greatly.

Big 2 students choose good major

And to big for the 2 students that reading, some course exactly the amount learns to wait, college of partial United States is to give approbatory, the professional look be identical that for this student best in the process of transfer choice and oneself read formerly or adjacent, the course that builds again so is met a few less, learn to rise relatively a few more relaxed also. And in the process that divides in transfer, as a result of,the student also should notice Sino-US the requirement that teachs to special training course and side focal point are different, professional either very strong curricular transfer branch is relatively a few easier, but you must provide detailed curricular description, even referenced your curricular mark; but wait for these like building, biology, engineering, psychology professional strong credit turned harder. Notice at the same time, turned the fellowship odds that American university applies for after credit also is met a few smaller.

Tall grader had better read aloud a Master

If be home big 3 or big the 4 words that reading a student, do not suggest the way that parts through transfer goes the United States attending undergraduate course commonly, had better be to wait after attending undergraduate course, go abroad again read a Master. Because official of the visa when visa meets those who oppugn you study abroad,the purpose is mixed motive, look in most visa official, the Master course that reads undergraduate course to apply for the United States again in China suits the development of this phase student quite.
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