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Want to go abroad study abroad ahead of schedule ready-made
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The university entrance exam this year admits already primary end, be about to rise after many summer vacation tall the student of 3 and parent, already began to search target school to study abroad next year. So, what preparation should have made ahead of schedule before studying abroad?
Assure capital prepares now not be in time for

According to expert introduction, a lot of study abroad national capital has study abroad capital assures requirement, some nations demand is higher.

The capital of American chrestomathy division assures is above of 600 thousand yuan of RMB commonly, this deposit has in the deposit history of the bank is a year or so idealer, if prepare temporarily, the source that must provide be convinced making a person explains.

The cash deposit that Canada needs to offer above of 600 thousand yuan of RMB with respect to chrestomathy division proves and deposit time amounts to 18 months. Be like short of of financing bank savings the time of 18 months, need to offer corresponding origin proof.

The economy that Australian undergraduate students needs to offer above of 600 thousand yuan of RMBs assures, the bank deposit that there should be above of half an year before visa or choose what do not need deposit time to study abroad loan (cash impawn or house property guaranty) .

British preparatory capital prepares 750 thousand yuan or so to need time deposit, fixed time is in 6 months above.

Language achievement can apply for " double admit "  

Besides assure gold, language achievement also is very important. But the expert also points out, in recent years, study abroad as each country of open strength increase, without TOEFL the student of He Yasai achievement also can pass application language undergraduate course " double admit " means (university undergraduate course is entered to learn directly after passing language courses namely, need not take an exam again) will obtain study abroad qualification.

American Canada student does not have achievement of TOEFL He Yasai or achievement did not achieve the school to file a requirement, can apply for a language to add undergraduate course " double admit " .

Australia is elegant think of preparatory of 5 minutes of above, application to add curriculum of undergraduate course form a complete set.

British student can take an exam through the interior of the school, or it is the language class that goes to England going up for some time ahead of schedule.