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"1 3 " the mainstay line that high school lays to read Australia name school
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Go to bay read high school to be a school found

Australia has on 1000 outstanding high school to be opened to international student, in recent years, the selection goes the student that Australia reads a middle school is absent a few. Their target passes the study of high school namely, enter Australia top-ranking university takes advanced courses. The matriculation of Australia university also is not " take an examination of decide all one's life " , school of square can integrated student " complete bay grade exam achievement " , the achievement when graduation checks peace undertakes enrolling only outstanding people.

Reveal meeting hotspot: This second reveal on the meeting, the middle school of each city such as Er person, Kun Shilan and peaceful strap Xin Nawei institute, emperor institute of Bao Luguo border will show up.

"1 3 " the main force that high school lays into the school that read a name

Because teach system to differ, australian university preparatory is to conform the bridge of Chinese foundation education and Australian higher education. Accordingly, high school is born to join the preparatory course that reads famous university above all, through a year language and join Australian famous university rises to had become our country high school to be born again after curricular study enter Australia the line of a mainstay of famous university.