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2007 go to Australia to study abroad application process and measure
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Australia studies abroad application process and measure China 4 amount to study abroad to serve sincerely for you
Apply for to go to Australia to study abroad the program includes two large segment:One, application school / course 2, application is gone to bay study abroad student visa and different measure was included again in these two link. Apply for Australia school Understanding school -- the applicant needs to understand Australia above all the particular case of each school, if setting of requirement of school survey, enter a school, course, opening date reachs tuition,wait. Choose the school -- according to oneself circumstance, choose or a few professional schools that can offer you to want to be read. Application school -- as direct as the school connection applies for enter a school. You need to provide relevant data according to the requirement of the school, every school asks offerred data differs somewhat, affirm with school square connection directly please. Accept application -- the school thinks after the condition that evaluates you you accord with requirement of enter a school, can send a " to leave a proof to believe   of "(Offer Of A Place In A Course) to you  Apply for student visa Australian government has the rules of abroad student visa with one perfect a complete set of. Australia immigrant ministry is student visa cent 7 kinds, come according to the student the risk level of source country, will different state divides for different grade, in all 5 class. China is defined to be high risk country, all student visa categories are decided to be 4 class via evaluating. At present visa of Chinese student spendable applies for means to have two kinds, One kind is material application, namely the applicant refers written material to apply for to go to to Australian immigrant ministry bay the student visa that study abroad; Another kind of means is online application, namely the EVisa that we say normally. Two kinds of programs that apply kind are different. Material files an order: Ask for student visa to file form, the document that by diplomatic mission visa place requirement prepares to need to refer (be about to win detailed account of student visa form and visa file, visit a website please) the center of cognizance of abroad student visa that   establishs in Adelaide to Australia immigrant ministry hands over visa to apply for, include visa to apply for to expend 420 bay money, undertake visa is evaluated beforehand (the cycle that visa of PVA)   evaluates beforehand is announced with website of department of diplomatic mission visa pass PVA to allow   to be like, student union is informed of medical treatment of consign tuition, abroad student insurance premium is hand-in-hand travel check-up, the " electron that the school obtains to sign and issue after consign is tuitional registers student of   of admission notice "eCOE to offer ECOE and abroad student medical treatment to be sure according to asking to try a branch to visa pay proof   according to the requirement to bay halt China diplomatic mission or be stationed in Shanghai consulate general to hand over passport original   to obtain visa, set out go to bay    
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