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Not anxious money studies abroad loan sweeps a barrier for visa
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The child goes abroad study abroad, parents must have enough ready money to lay in in order to to pay children the tuition during foreign attend school and living cost, but very few family can lay in all asset with the form of cash or deposit rise, how to raise money in short time accordingly sufficient financing, let a lot of parents make anxious. Loan becomes many families to solve study abroad a kind of choice of capital.

   House property guaranty obtains loan

The course tries hard, passed the language closes and study abroad the exam closes, small Cheng Ganggang obtains a foreign country the accountant Master admission notice of an university. Soon the dream of overseas pursue one's studies is about to become reality, but one year the course of half needs 350 thousand yuan assure gold, let him make anxious however. Because the house was bought in the home last year, serve as without enough bank savings so assure, then Xiaocheng prepares to serve as pawn with the house, go to a bank dealing with study abroad loan.

The premise that house property mortgages is house money has been handed in entirely neat, if still be in,still borrow in the center, so this house property cannot mortgage. Before the bank is dealing with formality, can undertake assessment to house property.

Should raise money study abroad bail, looking for bank financing is a tweak. Mr Zhou is a small proprietor of an enterprise, sufficient actual strength studies abroad for the child. But his majority capital attributes circulating fund, throw production or went among the loop of commerce, return some capital to already became the form of fixed assets, want to take out 4489 yuan when put in about a year deposit receipt or inconvenient at a draught. Below this kind of circumstance, he can apply for loan to the bank, silver guilds the capital that makes just right for him or credence are evaluated, offer particular loan, in order to see a pressing need. This is than this trying in management capital " cut the flesh " , " air money supply " , will economically mix go to the lavatory more.

In addition, OK still deposit receipt of national debt, bank is on mortage, the form of this kind of impawn that be called, loan is highest the 80 % that the forehead does not exceed impawn content value; Make impawn with enterprise bond, loan specified amount is decided according to the financial condition of bond publisher, highest forehead does not exceed impawn content the 60 % of the face value.

   Is there deposit? Be inferior to loan!

Ms. Lv prepares to send a son to go this year Australia reads a graduate student. She understands from intermediary company, in Australia consumption of a year about 100 thousand yuan of RMBs, among them living cost: Basic necessities of life about 4 to 50 thousand yuan of RMBs, tuition is about 5 to 60 thousand yuan of RMBs. Besides these, study abroad intermediary returns those who ask she prepares 350 thousand yuan of RMB to study abroad bail, and deposit history should be in above of half an year.
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