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The Master gives birth to electronic visa place to require data
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Notarial material: [Beijing client, my company can deal with all notarization for you.

Nonlocal client, except be born or relative relation notarization must be in local notarization place to deal with, other notarization my company can do sth for sb. Other notarization my company can do sth for sb..

1.Relative relation is notarial

2.Registered permanent residence this notarization (the applicant is making number of households and total population before this notarization, its supply number of households and total population this original or photocopy or fax to my company, affirm registered permanent residence to go up originally information is not had by accident hind, deal with notarial formalities again. Nonlocal client asks special attention. )

3.Card of high school graduation is notarial (apply to 573 categories to give lessons model Master)

4.College graduate card is notarial

5.College degree card is notarial

6.University report is notarial (if the school can open original of Chinese and English report, also can not do notarization)

7.Marry notarial (apply to an applicant to already married)

School work proof:

8.The university is reading a proof (apply to big 4 reading unripe)

9.Elegant think of report original (should be 2 years of achievement in)

Economic proof:

10.SecurityAbove of half an year is put period
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