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The capital that studies abroad about applying for to go to Australia proves a n
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Application goes to Australia to study abroad, student above all an essential condition is, must want to enough economy assures (basically point to deposit) the fee that pays a student to complete all course (include the) such as tuitional, living cost, roundtrip airline ticket; Besides, still need to offer corresponding document, proving this deposit is the saving of security. This asks issued deposit proves the bank and deposit receipt is security under one's name not only, because deposit proves to be able to prove to be inside some paragraph of time only with deposit receipt, someone under one's name has so much deposit. And visa official place wants what you prove is, this deposit in your under one's name is the deposit of yourself scrape up, is not to rely on what kin gives or the friend sponsors, the money that the origin of each income that this needs to show you proves to data will prove you are offerred is income gains of yourself, the income that these prove to material includes to aid financially person job unit to open proves original, sell room income, the income that rent a house, also can offer at the same time (except deposit beyond) other fixed assets, in order to prove oneself economic actual strength but attention, these prooves can serve as the auxiliary material of visa only, visa official does not regard these the one part of applicant bank deposit.
Special attention
1. The deposit of postal deposit can be not used.
2. When handing over visa to apply for, the deposit history that deposits money to already had 6 months above (it is accurate) in order to have breath day.
3. If already expired deposit, do not turn put, do not want draw money, cannot change fold, requirement bank opens deposit proof according to a breath day on deposit receipt, in order to assure the deposit history of 6 months above.
4. After deposit proves, check carefully please account, amount, door the name is proper, if have,the problem must be opened afresh. If deposit receipt has,change, offer new deposit receipt photocopy please.
5. Bank system upgrades, the information such as the Zhang date of deposit receipt has change, it is clear to be tagged on deposit receipt please (or open proof) by the bank, need offers the fair certificate of new deposit receipt.
6. The paragraph requires existence him applicant or aid financially person under one's name, the nominative national debt that RMB, foreign currency, bank issues all but.
7. Cash does not make a proof commonly.