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1. Application

Application is the request that shows party puts forward to deal with notarization to the notary organization. Party applies for notarization, ought to offer written or oral application to notarial place personally. If apply for notarial party to entrust what others applies notarization for you, must submit written proxy to notarial place, a power of attorney ought to carry bright representative item, attributive and term, sign by client affix one's seal.

2. Accept

Accepting is to point to the notary organization application according to party, preliminary make accept conduction decision. Right now the applicant can get all sorts of application form check in notarial place.

3. Examine

Examining is the most important segment in whole and notarial program, it is the key with the whether true, legal proceeding that decides to apply for notarization. The file that requires notarization has: Certificate of record of formal schooling, report, prove without member of criminal record, family, marry (divorce) or proof of experience of maiden proof, relative relation proof, individual, economy assures (issued deposit proves the bank) . Do not have criminal record to must offer stamp by place police station.

Relative relation, birth certificate, marry (divorce) or maiden proof had better be proved by police station affix one's seal, if cannot be obtained from police station, yi Ke is affirmed by affix one's seal of branch of place unit human affairs (if archives is put in talent communication center, can offer a proof by talent communication center) .

If stock negotiable securities trades, register a company to issue a proof by stock exchange and negotiable securities and offer partner card; If have house property, provide property right evidence (blame commodity house needs to be undertaken assessment by accountant office first) , be in notarization to notarization next.

Economy assures the file that notarization requires to offer has: Proof of issued every months of pay taxes, bankbook reachs the wage income proof that ministry of unit human affairs opens, revenue issued deposit proves the bank (begin consideration from notarial day fixed full already 3 months) .

Deal with be born notarial, the booklet of registered residence that must offer an applicant reachs Id, have be born of card still should offer be born card.

Conduction record of formal schooling is notarial, need to offer the original of card of graduation card, complete a course, four industry card, degree card, report, of original losing, answer to apply for to reissue to the school that reads formerly.

Conduction experience is notarial, the proof that needs to offer section of human affairs of last job unit and post appoint a book, the title card of the title, photocopy of account of resume of applicant individual record (need to build seal of branch of unit human affairs) .

Conduction relative relation is notarial, the number of households and total population that needs to offer an applicant is mixed originally Id, relation person Id or passport photocopy. All proof data needs to take original, offer Xerox, complex certificate needs to offer English by translation firm; Be born, experience, record of formal schooling, maiden proof needs 3 pieces to offer one form black and white two inches of photographs; The notarization that uses to the United States must provide two inches of black-and-white photograph 4 pieces.
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