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Go abroad study abroad loan conduction middling sees 5 problems
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1.Study abroad what can loan give side going abroad busy As we have learned, the nation that accepts proof of loan of Chinese student studying abroad at present basically is Australia, New Zealand and England. New Zealand was appointed in trustworthy trade bank, the financial orgnaization that Australian immigration office approbates has 6: Bank of construction of Bank of China, Industrial and Commercial Bank of China, China, Chinese agriculture bank, medium trustworthy trade bank and Shanghai Pudong develop a bank. England is approbated study abroad the bank of loan has the bank that enrol business to wait. Study abroad loan is advantageous have disadvantage For the student that recalls a state to every, study abroad loan is not small to capital proof help. If the capital in student home does not have long-standing bank, a 400 thousand yuan deposit proof leaves at a draught before going abroad, more difficult to most family. Had a bank to do assure this problem was solved, bank loan gives applicant, the immigration office can believe the capital ability of applicant by this. To the student that proves without long-term bank savings in very much home, the bank left to be solved according to the proof before to the immigration office " the explanation is not clear " problem. Study abroad loan is put in a few malpractice, if you read the 3 undergraduate course that arrive 4 years or Master to New Zealand, so loan interest also is not small amount, and this policy of New Zealand sets again, loan just can stop after the student must be decided to stop school work. This provision is adverse to the person that studies abroad for long good, the proposal goes abroad read 1 1 course the student of short-term perhaps course applies for loan, the pressure of such reimbursement will be relatively lesser. Study abroad loan and whether to obtain visa to have nothing to do Loan itself won't affect visa result, because can borrow money to already proved the applicant owns certain property, have certain requirement going abroad, what visa official key assesses is the reimbursement ability of security. The reimbursement capability with authenticity, rationality, so strong feasibility and plan proof material are the key of success or failure of visa of decision loan application. Study abroad the requirement that loan applicant needs to satisfy Say on general sense, the person range that suits to apply for loan is very wide. The bank concerns sectional introduction, application studies abroad the borrower of loan must be the Chinese citizen that has capacity of completely civil action, have legal identity document, in fixed abode, stable profession and income source, offer what read the school " admission notice " or " receive letter " , offer read the school to open the study that give period inside the proof data that needs to learn incidental expenses living cost, the capital fund that provides usurer to approbate even is touched, impawn or the tripartite borrower that have acting countervail capacity and assume joint liability (it is borrower parents commonly) , and borrower already was had get the fixed proportional fee that educational person place wants, the other loan requirement that fulfils usurer regulation at the same time, relevant certificate data that provides impawn thing.
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